Beware Of Chemicals In Food

Awareness of the presence of chemicals in food should be improved. Many cases the use of hazardous chemicals in the food manufacturing process is a strong indication of the risks of health that will happen, if we do not carefully avoid it.

Chemicals in food can get into the food we consume by two ways.

The first is the chemical was deliberately added in the manufacturing process with a specific purpose. As an example is the use of textile coloring chemicals to improve the appearance of food. The addition of food additives such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, food coloring and salt is another example of chemicals in foods that are deliberately added during the production process or the manufacturing process.

The second, chemicals in food can also be derived from residual chemicals or derived from food package (food contaminants). Let us take an example. Pesticides are toxic chemicals used by farmers to protect plants from pest attack. At the time the crop is harvested, pesticide residues still present in the harvest. And most likely will still exist even after washed with water and enters the body when we eat.

Find out chemicals in food

Food additives in foods usually receive less attention from us as consumers. However, we know that these additives are present in food can harm our health in the long run? Let’s call a few examples of food additives. Preservatives, food colorings, artificial sweeteners, acids, salt, flavor enhancer and developer chemicals dough. These chemicals will be able to be found in food packaging.

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Then, how can we know that the foods we eat contain these chemicals?

It was easy. Look at the label on the packaging of processed food products that we will buy. Inside the label you can recognize any additives contained in it.On vegetables or fruits, the chemicals that we must be cautious is the residual pesticides. Because we know that pesticides are toxic chemicals that are very dangerous. The key, never consume food directly from farms that use pesticides as a disinfectant.

Tips to avoid chemicals in food

To avoid altogether or zero consumption of chemicals in food, it seems impossible for us to do. Especially for us who have high level of busyness.

The first tips is by find out the negative impact of chemicals in food on our health, both food additives and food contaminants. Psychologically, if we already know its danger for us, then naturally we will try to avoid it.

The second tip is by recognize its existence. We can see the label on the packaging, find out how to produce it or how to plant it. Switch to eat foods without additives or or the result of organic farming is the best way that we can choose.

The third tip is, start the habit to cook at home. In that way we can control all the process of provision of food, including chemicals used. Remember, our task is to keep our health and the health of our families. Do not trust 100% to the advertising food products. After all the chemicals in food in a certain amount will most likely be a devastating effect on our health. So beware, beware!