Benefits Of Swimming For Health

Did you know about the benefits of swimming? Yes, this water sport has many benefits for health. If you like this sport, you should be grateful. In addition to fun, it can also make the body become healthier. Swimming is one sport conducted in the water, using hands and feet movement so someone can float on the surface of water. This sport has many kinds of style, such as the backstroke, butterfly, freestyle or breaststroke.

Benefits of swimming

As we already know, every sport has a very good influence for the development of the body.

Here are some health benefits of swimming.

If you swim regularly, your muscles will grow stronger and well formed. It is caused when swimming, you move the entire body, especially the hands and feet. In addition, the movement in the water is not easy and feels heavy. This is what builds your body muscles. Swimming helps to burn calories, makes your body protected from disease and obesity. For children who are in  growth period, swimming is a very good one sport to increase their height. This is the positive impact of swimming.

Another benefit of swimming is to improve cardiac work and lungs. This is because the movements made while swimming will stimulate blood flow, heart and lungs as well. Swimming can improve the quality of our respiratory system, and even believed to cure asthma. Breathe while swimming, deep breathing, detained, and then released. It is very good for health. Unlike other sports, swimming can also relieve stress. Because swimming is a sport with an aqueous medium and is very enjoyable.

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In addition, the hormone endorphin which is also known as happy hormones will increase when you swim with ease. These are some of benefits of swimming is of course very good for your health progress.

Swimming tips

Just like other sports, swimming can also give you some risks, make you uncomfortable, such as body cramps. So, how can we make it not happen?Perform heating movements or you can walk quickly around the pool so that the body’s muscles to be limp before you swim. When you start swimming, you do not have to immediately swim for a long time or distance. Swim slowly for a few minutes, then rest about 20-30 seconds, and after that, go back to swim.

If you are not used to swim, do not swim in the deep pool area. This is very dangerous for those who are not good swimmers. If your eyes are not accustomed to see in the water, you can wear glasses you can buy at sports equipment stores.

Swimming have quite a lot of benefits, but you can not just do sports pool without doing other sports. The only adverse impact sports pool is its impact on the bones. When swimming, we seemed to drift (without gravity) in the water. This has quite bad influence for bone mass. Therefore, you should also do other sports like running, cycling, gymnastics, or aerobics.