Benefits Of Coffee To The Body

Almost every day we start our morning with a cup of hot coffee, which eventually makes us awake and provide energy for the day. But is this drink friendly for daily use, or not to be taken frequently. Let’s face it.

At this point benefits of coffee is very well documented. It is an antioxidant, caffeine helps us to focus on the work, help the body function better, and even help prevent some diseases. But on the other hand a lot of coffee can irritate the nervous system and causes damage to the stomach. Therefore, to get all the benefits mentioned above, you should receive the correct dose of this invigorating drink.

Recent research scientists have shown that coffee consumption reduces the risk of diabetes, colon cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Coffee is also useful for headaches, the treatment of cellulite, it raises blood pressure and protects teeth from decay, while covering them with “a touch of yellow.” According to Canadian research, drinking 1-2 cups daily for coffee is not only harmless, but also useful. And this holds true for pregnant women.

The scientists have analyzed 126,000 people over 18 who have a habit of drinking coffee during the day. Apparently, some of them have less tendency to have type 2 diabetes. According to the report, those who drank 4.6 cups of coffee per day, significantly lower the risk of developing various forms of diabetes (28%) than those who consumed 1-2 cups every day.  In addition, for women, and even better to drink about 3 cups of coffee a day, so they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 24%.

Unfortunately, people who already have heart disease and high blood pressure are not recommended for coffee. Coffee lovers less susceptible for 80% to Parkinson’s disease. But, at the same time, it should be noted that excessive coffee consumption is also not recommended because it can develop kidney disease, such as kidney stones and tumors.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School say that coffee makes us more energetic, alert, able to move long distances well and adapt to changes in their lives. Coffee contains more antioxidants than citrus fruits. Nutritionists never tired of repeating that the antioxidants needed by the body to permanently stay young and healthy. For example, Spanish scientists have conducted their own independent research and came to the same conclusion that the coffee is much more nutrients and antioxidants than orange juice. For example, Spanish scientists have done their own independent research and came to the same conclusion that coffee contains more nutrients and antioxidants than orange juice. They also found that coffee contains valuable polyphenols and proteins than other beverages in the world, and even tea.

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Coffee helps to keep the youth’s lips, providing cells necessary moisture. This effect is particularly “wet” operates with a cappuccino. After some time after drinking cappuccino begins salivation, and lips much wet, stimulating cell elasticity, improved diction and function of the vocal apparatus as a whole.

One cup of coffee can raise your spirits. According to experts from the University of Wales, just one cup of coffee can improves performance and makes us feel more cheerful. One or two cups of coffee can improve concentration, alertness and carefulness. Presumably, coffee helps prevent the emergence of cancer cells in the liver. Some nutritionists include coffee into the slimming diet because believe that coffee stimulates people for longer and enhanced training in gyms. In 50 percent of cases, coffee helps reduce the risk of diabetes. Recent studies have even shown that coffee is partially strengthens cardiovascular system.

On the downside:

  • Coffee can cause upset stomach.
  • Drinking a cup of coffee in the evening, can cause lack of sleep or even insomnia.
  • You may have anxiety.
  • Coffee can also causes dehydration, which is known to be very bad for the body.