Avoid Degenerative Disease

Who is not familiar with the fried foods? Maybe it’s not yet complete if there are no fried foods in our daily diet. Because it tastes good and easy to make, fried food to be excellent in the community.

However, if consumed excessively, fried foods would pose a danger to health in the future.

Frying Oil

According to Wikipedia, cooking oil is a pure oil, which is used for frying foods, derived from animals or plants, and in liquid form at room temperature. Cooking oil is generally derived from palm oil. Palm oil has double bonds in its structure, so it is classified into stable unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to oil palm, there are also other types of oils, namely Palmolive oil, palm kernel oil, palm Stearn oil and animal fats.

Destruction of cooking oil

Cooking oil is usually changed color after frying, should only be used for frying as much as 3-4 times. When used for frying, double bonds in the oil will break up, and form a single bond are called unsaturated fatty acids. A good cooking oil is oil containing unsaturated fatty acids.Cooking oil that has been damaged is cooking oil used for frying for many times so that fatty acids contained in it becomes increasingly saturated. As a result, foods fried in this oil contain unsaturated fatty acids that are harmful to health.

Impact of fried food on health

Fried foods seems inseparable from our diet. However, if excess will have an impact that is not good. Eating fried foods excessively seems to contribute to the development of degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Even cancer.

Generally, cooking oil used by the seller of fried food is bulk cooking oil, and is not replaced although blackened and smoky. Blackened cooking oil means that it has undergone oxidation and generates free radicals. Free radicals are unstable compounds which always try to find other compounds in the body to make it stable.

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Free radicals are believed to cause various disease, one of them is cancer.In addition to contain free radicals, blackened cooking oil is also contains high saturated fatty acids that contribute to elevated levels of cholesterol. Bonds of saturated fatty acids are difficult to disentangle by the body and carried by the bloodstream. Because difficult to disentangle, then this fat will be deposited in blood vessels and block blood flow. If the blockage occurs in the heart, it will cause heart disease.

If a blockage occurs in the brain, it will causes stroke. The amount of adipose tissue(fat) that is for med will also reduce the presence of the insulin receptor rare required for binding by the hormone insulin blood sugar to be distributed into body tissues properly. Since the insulin receptor is found only in non-adipose tissues, a high amount of body fat that contributes to diabetes.

Healthy tips in consuming fried food

Eating fried food is allowed, provided it is not too much and pay attention to the cooking oil used for frying food.

What are the healthy tips?

  • Fried itself is highly recommended. So we can control the use of cooking oil. Replace your oil when it has been blackened. Generally, cooking oil should be replaced after being used as much as 3-4 times.
  • Use the right temperature for frying. Too high temperatures can accelerate the formation of free radicals and cause cancer. However, when the temperature is too low, the food will absorb more oil.
  • Do not use oil that has been blackened, putrid smell, smoke from the frying pan, and causing an itchy throat when eaten.