14 Benefits Of Carrot Juice

Who did not know carrots? In fact, many people thought that the carrot is a kind of fruit. In fact, carrots belonged vegetables, with orange colored bulbs (there are several varieties of purple, red, white, or yellow).Carrots are well known as the main meal of rabbit. Carrots are a part of plant which has the scientific name Daucus carota, are widely grown in some areas of Europe and the southwest part of Asia.

Carrots can grow up to 1 meter with white flowers.Actually, this plant has fruit called mericarp by botanists, and included in the type of schizocarp. Carrots plant can be planted throughout the year, especially in mountainous regions where temperatures are cold and damp.Orange color of Carrots bulbs derived from β-carotene (beta-carotene), which will be metabolized into vitamin A in the body, if there is salt in sufficient quantities in the intestines.

However, Carrots also contain vitamin A in raw form, so that Carrots are a good source of Vitamin A. Beta carotene is an important part of the carotenoids, and have identified that there are over 600 different types of carotenoids. Some carotenoids are well known in the medical world is carotene, lutein, and lycopene.Carrot Juice BenefitsMany people assume that drinking carrot juice is a healthy lifestyle. Carrot juice is well known because it contains beta carotene, which can provide vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E and minerals to the body in large quantities.

Although carrot has a sweet flavor with a crisp texture, but many people do not want to eat them directly or in a raw state. Among them more like carrot in another form, namely carrot juice.In the form of juice, benefits of carrot juice is no different with raw carrotsBenefits of carrot juice can be obtained to the fullest if you choose the right carrot. It takes your foresight in choosing carrot. Carrots are good, usually colored rather young and bright, which means that the carrot is still young and fresh.

Carrot Juice Benefits

Carrot juice has so many benefits, however, for your convenience, below are some of the most common benefits and how to make it.

For vision.

Take carrots in moderation and wash it clean. After that, remove the shell. Carrots can be grated or blended. Mix it with boiled water, then strain into a glass.  Drink this every morning, noon and night. This juice is also suitable for babies by entering milk into it.

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Hypertension or high blood pressure.

Take 500 grams of carrots. Wash it thoroughly and cut into pieces after peeled. Add a little water to the pieces, and then blend it. Strain and drink immediately. Try to drink it regularly three times a day.

Fever in children.

Take 200 grams of carrots and then wash clean. Grate the carrots after peeled, then mix with a little water and then wring it out. Boil it and drinks while warm. You can to add sugar as the sweetener.


Take a carrot and then cleaned and stomach after peeled. Give a few tablespoons of hot water and wring it out. Add a little brown sugar and stir until blended. Drink twice a day.

Menstrual pain.

Take 250 grams of carrots, wash thoroughly, then cut into pieces after peeled. Add a bit of water, then blend it. Try to drink it at least two times a day.


Take two carrots are still young then wash and grate after peeled. Add two tablespoons of lukewarm water and a little salt, then squeeze. Drink twice a day.

Prevent cancer.

The content of beta-carotene in carrots on average are 12,000 IU. Health experts encourage us to eat as much as 15000-25000 IU. Beta carotene is believed to prevent cancer, because antioxidant contained in it is able to fight cancer cells. Beta carotene also helps the immune system to produce natural killer cells.

Lowering cholesterol levels.

Carrots are also contain pectin can lower cholesterol levels. Carrots are high in fiber, which is very useful for preventing constipation. Potassium in carrots is also able to help neutralize acidic conditions in the blood, and vitamin A in it may help the liver to eliminate toxins in the body.

Smooths face and overcome the burns.

Beta carotene in carrots are antioxidants that can reduce the effects of solar radiation and reduce skin damage.You can smooth the face by making a mask from grated carrots. Beta carotene can also recover skin burns. The trick is to apply mashed carrots on the burn.

Carrot juice is considered very beneficial for the liver due to the effects of vitamin A that can make the process of cleansing to the body. Vitamin A reduces bile and fat in the liver. But, for the heart, to get the maximum benefit from vitamins A, this can be done by drinking carrot juice regularly. Liver were able to store vitamin A in the longer term.

Lack of vitamin A can cause dryness and damage to the skin, nails and hair. Drinking carrot juice can overcome this. Vitamin A is also able to strengthen bones and teeth.

For humans, deficiency of vitamin A can cause a decrease in the power of vision, such as night blindness. To avoid it, you should take vitamin A regularly.

Carrot juice is thought to be able to reduce the risk of many types of cancer including skin and breast cancer. Several studies have shown a link between Vitamin A and cancer prevention.

Antioxidants in the carrot believed to be able to help the body to eliminate the causes of cancer, namely free radicals in the body.That is a fraction of carrot juice benefits. Although carrot have many benefits, excessive consumption of carrot can also lead to karotenosis, a condition in which your skin will be colored orange. However, it is not dangerous, it will only interfere with your appearance.