10 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism  

Looking for foods that speed up metabolism. The answer will probably surprise you. All foods speed up metabolism.“How is that possible?” Perhaps you are wondering about this.

Let’s take a quick look at what is metabolism and how it works. This explanation may help you better understand the process and how it affects your body.

When you eat a meal, your body begins the process of digesting food, nutrients editing to create energy needed to keep the body can work accurately and efficiently.  It takes about 4 hours just to absorb nutrients. It is repeated every time you eat.

In one day, your body takes about 12 hours to absorb nutrients from foods. In short, during the digestion process, our bodies burn calories. This is especially true of foods containing carbohydrates and proteins, they need more calories than other foods to digest. Simply by eating, digesting and absorbing nutrients from foods speed up your metabolism.

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Does this mean that you should eat more in order to the burning of calories continue to operate? Here is an answer that might surprise you. Yes. But hold on before you park in front of the refrigerator with a knife and fork in hand. If you skip breakfast and other meals, you will reduce the speed of burning calories in your body. In this case, eating more will help accelerate your metabolism.

In fact, by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day,  you can keep your metabolism constantly working, so your body burns more calories.

As we said before, there are certain foods that require more energy to burn them from your body. The extent to which they affect the body’s metabolism depends on the type of food. Caffeine, coffee, tea, chocolate and chemicals found in chillies are some foods that accelerate your metabolism, but only minimally.

Carbohydrates and protein trigger the highest rate of metabolism. In fact, protein foods can burn up to 25% of calories they contain for digestion and absorption. While a meal high in protein may sound appealing, keep in mind that you have to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs. Adding vitamin and mineral supplements is not the answer because they do not offer the same quality of nutrients in natural foods.

The best option is to eat well-balanced meals that contain protein regularly, non-starchy vegetables, fats and carbohydrates. This can minimize fat production while keeping your blood sugar at a level that helps to burn fat and build muscle.

  • Whole-meal bread
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Fresh cheese
  • Green beans
  • Zucchini
  • Cabbage
  • Asparagus and other non-starchy vegetables
  • Protein-rich Meat

Please remember that there are other factors that are not under your control that can affect the speed of metabolism, such as age, gender, and other conditions. While these foods can speed metabolism, the best way to lose weight is with a proper combination of regular meals and physical exercise, especially those that build muscle because muscle burns calories.

Exercise regularly, eat rich protein foods, non-starchy vegetables, fats and carbohydrates can speed up your metabolism, and you will soon see the results you want.

Guest post written by www.golias.fr.