10 Foods For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Perhaps many of them who often suffer from swelling of the gums or mouth problems, and many of them who feel less confident because they have a full dental plaque and yellow. With a few tips that will we give you, you do not need to worry because you will have healthy teeth.

By consuming foods that contain these nutrients, the teeth will be healthy and your mouth will be protected from all kinds of germs and of course you will have healthy teeth and gums.

Below are some foods that are good for maintaining the health of teeth and gums

1. Shiitake mushrooms as nutrients for healthy gums and teeth.

Lentinan contained in shitake mushrooms proved effective to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. This mushroom also serves to remove plaque in the mouth.

2. Broccoli as nutrition for the gums and teeth.

The anti-acid contained in broccoli is able to strengthen your tooth enamel. So, for those of you who do not like eating broccoli, start from now to take it more often because it is very beneficial for your teeth.

3. Apple as nutrition for the gums and teeth.

Make sure you eat a fresh apple every day because the acid contained in apple serves to whiten your teeth. May be most people are familiar with the benefits of the apple. Even so, you should have proper brushing regularly at least 2 times a day

4. Strawberries.

Malic acid contained in these fruits, serves to reduce plaque. Although most people who consume this fruit will get red color in their teeth, but in fact many of them like this fruit because its unique flavor.

5. Oranges and Pineapple.

Your teeth will look whiter if you rub the orange peel directly to your teeth because it able to remove the tartar on the teeth.In addition the fruit also has a sour taste, which serves to stimulate saliva production to eliminate bacteria and make your mouth does not taste sour.

6. Carrots and Celery.

By eating carrots and celery, the mouth will produce saliva as a natural mouth cleanser. In addition, carrots and celery also function to help you to clear bacteria that can result in stains on teeth.

7. Green tea.

Catechin produced by green tea can eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath and can also kill bacteria that convert sugar to acid in the mouth.

8. Sesame seeds.

Calcium contained in sesame seeds, serves to strengthen the teeth and gums. In addition, sesame seeds also serve as reliever of plaque and helps strengthen teeth enamel.

9. Kiwi fruit.

The content of vitamin C within kiwi fruit can prevent damage to collagen tissue of the gums, which makes your gums vulnerable to diseases, as has been found in several studies. Vitamin C contained in kiwi fruit a lot more than other fruits.

10. Solid cheese.

Ph of Solid cheese serves to prevent bacterial growth. Low carbohydrate and high calcium and phosphate contained in the solid cheese also provide some benefit to the teeth and mouth.

The above foods are good to maintaining healthy gums and teeth, and can make your teeth whiter, so that will foster self-confidence for you and make sure you do not forget to maintain your health and your oral hygiene.